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The UK's Best Extended Car Warranty

Not a phrase we take lightly. We spend a lot of time checking and ensuring that our car warranty remains the very best level of cover you can get for your car, whatever the age.

Founded over 15 years ago, Warrantywise are the UK's best used car warranty service and maintenance plan specialist. We provide an extended vehicle warranty of the highest quality, for all makes and models of Vehicle, to private individuals as well as the country's largest franchised and independent dealer groups.

Warrantywise is a private family firm with a strong capital base and the senior partners are Fellows of the Motor Industry, having operated successful businesses in the UK motor industry for over 30 years. Warrantywise was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and Quentin Willson has been instrumental in delivering these principles alongside Warrantywise since joining the team in 2008. Our car warranty is matched only in quality by the level of service we offer. You are the most important stakeholder in the Warrantywise business, and we want you to feel exceedingly fulfilled in all of your communication with us.


Warrantywise best used car warranty

"I've spent the last six years personally refining, tweaking and polishing this warranty to make sure that it offers the highest level of service and protection possible. I'm so confident that Warrantywise is the market leader, that unlike some other warranty companies, I'm prepared to say in writing that I reckon its now the best warranty cover that money can buy. I have put my seal of approval on the Warrantywise warranty, hereby promising you that you will not find a higher level of used car warranty protection at a lower price!

I hope that you won't need us and that your motor runs sweetly for years, but if it doesn't, rest assured the Warrantywise team is here to help you if things do ever go wrong."

Quentin Willson - Motoring Journalist

No weasel words

Many car warranty companies look to wiggle out of paying for your repair through nasty small print and stipulations. Quentin Willson has banned all such 'Weasel Words' from the Warrantywise plan, as this is the fairest way.

So you wont find words like betterment, consequential failure or breakdown that limit the cover you get. Click here to read more about the words of the weasel.

If you wish to know more or apply for warranty options for your current vehicle, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will call you back as soon as possible.

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